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We are wealth managers but not the way you typically think. When’s the last time all of your advisors met in a room to align your full financial life to your “WHY,” your values, your goals? Each of your “advisors” – CPA, insurance agent, attorney, banker, etc – make opinion-based decisions within a silo. They often can’t look at your financial life as a whole.

As a fiduciary (working in YOUR best interest) we can only look at your whole financial life. Being your personal CFO is about the process and our personal relationship with you. The JarredBunch Private Client experience has nothing to do with financial products that make you feel like just another number. Our process introduces holistic strategies which are optimized for your unique needs.

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The My CFO Series® is at the heart of our Private Client platform. It not only overcomes the four challenges of wealth building, but gives you a financial model that adapts as your life changes and monitors your financial health daily. It gives you the ability to take a comprehensive approach to your financial life. For the first time, this is about you. It’s about putting you in a position of power and control over your money with.

The JarredBunch Private Client platform introduces comprehensive financial life management for everyone. We can help you in ways only an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm can. Brokers are handcuffed by regulation that prevents them from addressing your full financial life. Brokers (beware, they will bill themselves as “advisors” or “planners” but are really registered representatives of….) are in the golf club business, we are in the golf swing business. It’s all about how you put everything into action and not about just the products.